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Monday, January 23, 2012

Time Marches On.

First, a pic from one of the first months we lived in Pullman.
One of the first of countless visits to Sunnyside park for a picnic.
I remember the feelings I had during that time. A bit unknown. A bit lonely. What was this new life in Pullman going to be? Will this season in life with preschool/toddler girls stay the same day in and day out? How will we find ways to connect with new people and build friendships???

 And now, a recent photo from this September. Over 7 years later.
A picnic in the same spot at Sunnyside. Add in one crazy boy and two girls who have grown to be lovely young ladies.
And such a different season in life. This was our last picnic in my season of being a stay at home mom. I was feeling emotional that day.
Amazed at how fast it changed. When I wondered if it ever would change.

That span between the first photo and the second photo was a tremendously revealing time for me. God was (and is still) so very faithful. And even when I didn't want to admit that God's plan was best, I can finally admit He was right.
Thanks be to God!

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