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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crazy Fun

Just some photos to show some crazy fun we've had lately. Silly photos are so often better than "cheesy" ones!

Grant. Oh, that boy. Seriously. Nothing serious about him! Once again, Grant adored wheat harvest. This year he even spent multiple full days (like 12 hours each) "workin'" with Dad, Grandpa and Uncle Mark.
Allison. So much fun! That girl is photogenic and always ready for a good time. Love her. This one is for Grandpa who wanted to know how she'd fair eating corn without any teeth. :)

Sadie. Sweet, simple Sadie. She had a super duper summer-- courageously taking on new and big adventures like going to a three night summer camp and conquering the tube slides at the aquatic center. Of course, she loved both more than she imagined possible (can mom say "I told you so"?).

Angela. She's been taking a photography class and asking the kids to pose so she can practice. Grant got tired of always being on the opposite end of the camera and wanted his turn. So, this shot is courtesy of Grant. Nice work, buddy!

Dwayne. His version of crazy fun comes every August. Harvest time! We catch him when we can.

Crazy fun, peeps!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

July Joy

So, I'm still behind... but you gotta love the photos of these kids and puppies! Too cute

Grandma From-The-West-Side and Auntie Who-Has-Two-Almost-Three Girls came to visit in July and we had so much fun playing!

Of course, we spent some quality time at the aquatic center...

And enjoyed Lana's puppies, too.
What joy!