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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Wintertime Farming

So, two "big" events for local farmers in the winter is servicing your combine and attending the Ag Show in Spokane.

They're especially big events for a 4 year old. And they're also BIG for the older generations when 1. it's a new (to you) combine and 2. a first time for a child to go to the Ag Show.

Grant, Dwayne and Grandpa John got to enjoy both on the same day! (Mom tagged along to take photos and do some downtown Spokane shopping BY HERSELF!!!)

We first stopped at the dealership where Grandpa was working on his new-to-him John Deere combine. Dwayne and Grant HAD to check out the cab.

(Not sure what the spots on the photo are??? Floating dust???)

After a small arm twist, we got Grandpa to agree to leave the work for the day and take his grandson to the farm show. I guess that Grant got to crawl onto lots of the equipment and was all grins.

That much farm work in one day can really exhaust a boy! Gotta get some sleep before spring work...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Another Winter Pastime

We're tired of rain and muck. And mom's willing to sacrifice her carpet to play doh in order to prevent extra hours in front of the television. They came up with this one on their own... play doh bowling.

What creative activities are being done at your house?