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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


So, yeah. Today's date is kinda cool.

But you wanna know what is the very COOLEST?!?


So why is 10/10/10 the coolest?

Because my sweet Sadie will have her birthday on 10/10/10.

Do you know how old she'll be?

She'll be 10.

Amazing, isn't it? Plan for the big celebration now!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Our Last First.

This was the last time our family will take a child to their first day of preschool. Snif snif.

With sisters off to school all day, Mom can get awfully boring. Grant was thrilled to get to go to Preschool this week!

He says "I love my school, Mom." He also asked "Mom, did you miss me? Did you cry?" The highlight of school is the "garbage truck with no cab". The lowlight: "Everyone tries to take MINE toys!" Good luck, Miss J as you teach this little guy to share!

Mom has a few hours of time to herself now! Woah.