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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One of our Favorite Places

Vacations aren't too common or elaborate with our household. But we really try to enjoy what we can... when we can!

One of our favorite places to visit is Ross Point Baptist Camp in Post Falls. It's been a Sawyer family favorite for 30 years.

Our family got to participate in "My First Camp", prepping our kids for the chance to go to church camp on their own.

Our 26 hour vacation there was packed with fun-- songs, games, crafts and bible stories,

playing in the river,

yummy food,

a scavenger hunt,

mini golf, and a campfire complete with silly songs and smores.

I can't wait for my kids to create great mamories from this camp the way I have from my childhood!

Holy moly!

What in the world?!? It's been over a month???

Faithful 2.4 followers, I apologize. I'll get some stuff posted SOON!

(This photo I took on a hike at Kamiak w/ the kiddos.)