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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is Coming!

As we look back over the year of 2006, we think of many BLESSINGS.

Three happy, healthy, children bouncing around our big busy home in Pullman. What BLESSINGS.

Dwayne's job being stable and relationships with his "clients" growing... and my ability to still be at home full time. We're BLESSED.

The last visits we had with grandparents Martin and Lurline Jensen, and Dad Byron Lenssen. Before they went on to heaven we were BLESSED to spend some really good times with them this year on Easter and Labor Day Weekend.

BLESSED are the memories we made with family and friends this year. Many of these memories were caught on film... and we're so glad to have shared part of those via our blog this year! Keep visiting to see what we're up to in the future.

Blessings to you this CHRISTmas season. Happy Birthday to Jesus!

The Lenssens
(Photo notes: Allison decorating the annual gingerbread house... FUN! Grant and Dad "tree hunting", The three kids in the foot-deep snow while picking out our christmas tree (sadly, the snow is all gone now), and Sadie busy at two different Kids Choir performances-- one at the Downtown Pullman Tree Lighting, and one of her solo at her christmas program "Operation Christmas Child" at our church. )

Monday, October 30, 2006

October in Pullman

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." Ecc. 3:1

What an October! So many changes, and not just the color of the leaves.

We got to spend Labor Day weekend with most of Dwayne's family at Ross Point Baptist Camp and Silverwood. What a fun weekend of time together making memories! And a blessing to have a last visit with Dwayne's dad, Byron. He passed away on Oct. 9 after battling cancer for a year and a half. We know he's in heaven and much better off, but we miss him so much already.

Both Sadie and Grant had birthdays this month... my kids are growing up!!! They've all been so sweet and cute in such different ways. I hope you enjoy the photos of them as they grow. Grant and Allison are playing "drums" with my pots and pans in the kitchen, Sadie is showing off her first tooth lost, and Sadie took a picture of me and my sisters Julie and Suzanne at Riverfront Park recently. And, like most one year olds, Grant really enjoyed his chocolate cake!

So, our experiences this month just call us to remind you all that life is short... enjoy the people in your life while you can and at every milestone you pass. People are precious. Blessings!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

WOW! Summer is over...

We last left you with great anticipation for Aunt Suz and Uncle Jake's wedding on July 1-- what a fun family event! A blessed day! We just don't have many photos in digital format, so here's just one to give you an idea. If you're interested, I'll let you know what Suzanne's blog is so you can see more details.

After the "let down" of the wedding, we moved on to other summer activities. We had our house painted (No more peachy-beige!), went swimming a lot, went to/volunteered at Vacation Bible School, frequented our parks, visited family and friends in Lynden for the NW Washington Fair, "helped" my family with wheat harvest (Grant's first ride on the combine-- he was all grins), Angela worked for a month at Cartridge World in outside sales to help out friends who just opened the business, and geared back up for the start of school... KINDERGARTEN FOR SADIE! She's been at Sunnyside Elementary each morning for a week and a half now, and really enjoys her time in Mrs. Emerson's class there. So far, recess is her favorite. Imagine that.

Hope you all had as eventful and joyful a summer as we had! Keep in touch. I like to receive photos just as much as I like to send them!

Return again soon to hear about our Labor Day weekend vacation with Dwayne's family. It was a great time. I'm just waiting for my "old school" 35mm photos to be developed and put on disk so I can update the blog again... talk to you soon!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Late Spring= Early Summer on the Palouse

Since UI/WSU get out in May, it becomes SUMMER here early! We were busy with swim lessons and preschool graduation. Also, finally began to return to the parks in nice warm weather. The kids love it. For Memorial Day weekend, our highlight was welcoming AUNT SUZ home from Saipan! That also formally began the countdown to her wedding to Uncle Jake on July 1... photos from that celebration to come!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Grant is 6 months old!

What a handsome and sweet baby boy! Just turned 6 months old and is cuter than ever. Time is flying by, so I'm trying to cherish these days. He's such a blessing!

The Girls

Allison was sent to a "time out" on the stairs, and was so tired, fell asleep right there! Sadie LOVES to pick flowers, so recently had the opportunity to clean out Grandpa and Grandma's yard of dandelions, and got a whole bunch, for sure.

A few days ago, Allison asked where Dad was. I told her "At work". She said, "Oh, he's planting seeds for the Cowboys?" Interesting perception. Sadie is prepping for her preschool graduation ceremony where they're doing a skit. The skit is about a farmer who plants some wheat seeds-- one doesn't survive the heat of the sun, another is eaten by a bird, and yet another is choked by weeds. Each child has a part in the play drawn out of a hat, and guess what Sadie plays? She's the WEED. So ironic for the daughter of a Wilbur Ellis employee. :)

Easter in Lynden

We had so much fun in Lynden visiting family for Easter! The girls had fun wearing the fancy dresses Grandma Sue got for them and they loved the easter egg hunts with their cousins Austin, Travis and Holly!

Easter Eggs

Decorating eggs... and Allison dropped and cracked hers, obviously pretty bummed!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

New swing set!

Well, in between raindrops and YES, SNOWFLAKES this morning (no, it's not an April Fools joke... we really had snow) Dwayne finished, with help from the girls, the swing set! Before it got too yucky outside they had a chance to try it out for a few minutes.

Y'all are invited to come and play with us!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Day to Day events

I know... my day to day events are so thrilling! My excitement of the week is that Grant is starting solid foods. Little stinker. I told him he couldn't grow up, and he's just not listening.

Sadie did a great picture today of her and Dwayne next to a John Deere tractor. She's such a sweet 5 year old!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sadie with BUTCH THE COUG!!! Posted by Picasa

Looking at bugs, etc. with magnifying glasses at the Family Fair recently Posted by Picasa

Grant loves his big sisters (except when they put him in a doll bed) Posted by Picasa

Grant LOVES the Johnny Jump Up in the doorway. All grins while he's in there. Posted by Picasa

Waaah!!! Sadie thinks it's funny... Allison thinks... well, her face says it all. Posted by Picasa

Baby brother on the doll bed... check out his bottom lip. He's about to erupt! Posted by Picasa

Dwayne was reading our bible study "Know Fear" to Grant... apparently he was enjoying it! Posted by Picasa

Like I said... this was while watching a show right at dinner time... slept through dinner. Posted by Picasa

Allison thinks she's too old for regular naps, but obviously can't quite make it through every day without one! Posted by Picasa

Allison taking a BIG bite of apple Posted by Picasa