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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Congrats, Uncle Dan and AUNT Shelle!

It's official! There's a ROCK! (And a beautiful one at that!) Uncle Dan proposed to Shelle last night on Kamiak Butte-- so we're getting used to the idea of having an "Aunt Shelle" now.

We're so happy for Dan and Shelle-- after all, we met Shelle at our church here in Pullman and introduced her to Dan over a year ago. Now she'll be family!

They'll be apart now for awhile before the wedding (although the 400 miles separating them have been travelled frequently!) so it inspired me to make a scrapbook page for them. We did some engagement photos in the wheat this morning and then they said their goodbyes. This layout is for you, Shelle!

Our Vacation to the Oregon Coast

This was the big event for our summer-- visiting the Oregon Coast! We packed our stuff and headed over to Lincoln City for an extra long weekend.

We were blessed with great weather (I never knew a person could get nice enough weather to wear swimsuits on the beach at the Oregon coast!) while at home in Pullman the mercury rose to over 100 for our time away.

Three nights were spent at the Sea Gypsy in Lincoln City, and a half day at Tillamook for the cheese factory and Cape Meares lighthouse... then East to Multnomah Falls and the Bonneville Fish Hatchery, and an overnight stay at the Dalles before heading home yesterday.

Here were our favorite events: Sadie loved being buried in the sand, Allison loved finding shells, Grant could have shoveled sand all day, Angela liked shopping at the outlets, and Dwayne really enjoyed just having free time with all of us.
Uncle Dave reminded me that past beaches have produced messages in the sand... we had nothing to share this time around! Guess we'll have to go back again and get a message saying "We're Done!"

I have 188 photos that I really like, but have reluctantly narrowed them down to share a few with you.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Traditions on the 4th!

Some of the Lenssen's favorite traditions for the 4th of July:
  • making a flag cake with fresh berries

  • dressing up in red, white and blue (eighties style from head to toe!)

  • wearing Old Navy flag tees

  • posing for cheesy photos

  • hanging out with friends and family

  • eating lots of yummy summer foods

  • keeping kids up entirely too late

  • and our new tradition: painting finger and toe nails red and blue

Hope you had a happy independence day!

What would you do with a 30 hour day?

If you had 6 extra hours each day, what would you do with it??? I know I'd spend a portion (or likely all) of it SCRAPBOOKING! And with my recent discoveries of various digital techniques, I'm ready for hours of fun at the computer. Here's a sample of what I've been playing with... enjoy! (And for anyone interested, visit for some great info on digital scrapbooking!)