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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Grant is 6 months old!

What a handsome and sweet baby boy! Just turned 6 months old and is cuter than ever. Time is flying by, so I'm trying to cherish these days. He's such a blessing!

The Girls

Allison was sent to a "time out" on the stairs, and was so tired, fell asleep right there! Sadie LOVES to pick flowers, so recently had the opportunity to clean out Grandpa and Grandma's yard of dandelions, and got a whole bunch, for sure.

A few days ago, Allison asked where Dad was. I told her "At work". She said, "Oh, he's planting seeds for the Cowboys?" Interesting perception. Sadie is prepping for her preschool graduation ceremony where they're doing a skit. The skit is about a farmer who plants some wheat seeds-- one doesn't survive the heat of the sun, another is eaten by a bird, and yet another is choked by weeds. Each child has a part in the play drawn out of a hat, and guess what Sadie plays? She's the WEED. So ironic for the daughter of a Wilbur Ellis employee. :)

Easter in Lynden

We had so much fun in Lynden visiting family for Easter! The girls had fun wearing the fancy dresses Grandma Sue got for them and they loved the easter egg hunts with their cousins Austin, Travis and Holly!

Easter Eggs

Decorating eggs... and Allison dropped and cracked hers, obviously pretty bummed!