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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Trails... Until We Meet Again!

As I write this, my brother Mark and his wife Brittany are dragging heavy suitcases, carry ons, hopes and dreams through the Seattle airport as they navigate their way to their gate for a flight to Tokyo.

But that isn't where their trail ends... over the next couple of days they'll be making their way to the final destination of SAIPAN-- in the Northern Mariana Islands. They're taking on the call from God and the adventure of teaching at a christian school in Saipan for this upcoming school year!(photos from Saipan courtesy of my brother... he took them while visiting my sister Suz who taught at the same school there three years ago-- gorgeous, isn't it?)

Our whole family spent the past several days with Mark and Brittany in hopes to fit in some of the time together with them that we'll be missing in the coming months. In fact, my mom planned a "Year of Celebration" with them-- complete with a Thanksgiving turkey dinner (and watermelon for a side dish). Since we don't want them missing out on our family holidays, we celebrated all birthdays and holidays from August through May within an hour of time. Here's a couple of photos of Christmas in July (as well as Thanksgiving, easter, Mother's day, many birthdays...).

Mark and Brit were also lucky enough to be here for the beginning of harvest-- dad's crop of bluegrass.

We will miss you, Mark and Brit! Our prayers are with you today for safe travels and blessings for you and those who you'll meet in Saipan! And all blog visitors, you can keep up with the Sawyers in Saipan on their blog!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Free To Be Me Sing-Along

Watch out, Francesca Battistelli! The Lenssen kids (and mom) are cruisin' downtown and singin' your tune at the top of our lungs... love it! (You'll want to press pause on my playlist at the bottom of my blog to hear the video better.)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Independence Day

It has been so long since I posted something... you won't mind that I post new-yet- already-old photos for your enjoyment, will you?

Here's a glimpse of the 4th at our house.