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Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Well, if you're going to have sub-freezing temperatures, it's always best to have a white blanket of snow with the cold to make it pretty, right? We've had lots of cold temperatures this winter, and thankfully have had snow to go with it. Here's a pic of my mom, the girls and I sledding yesterday. We've also had some good cuddle time on the couch (currently in the middle of reading Charlotte's Web) for as long as I can convince my children to remain in my arms. They're growing up already... Wintery snowy joy to you all!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Go Cougs!

How about those Cougs?

We got to take in a second basketball game this season-- and have chosen the most exciting ones to attend! We got to see them defeat Gonzaga, and this last weekend we were there when they beat Arizona. The kids had so much fun... even after overtime and therefore past bedtime. Go Cougs!

(And for those concerned fellow Vandal Alums of mine... just know I generally wear Vandal gear underneath any Coug garment that happens to be on me so the most important team is closest to my heart! :)

My brother got married!

Well, it happened. The last of the 4 Sawyer siblings got hitched! We are so happy to welcome "already-adopted" Aunt Brittany into the fam. It was a great wedding celebration with lots of fun memories-- Flower girl Allison grinning with mom (after a period of not wanting her photo taken... arrgh...), the happy bride and groom, the Lenssens at the church, Sadie cuttin' a rug at the reception (jammies were easier to dance in than the flowergirl dress), and Angela with her sisters Julie and Suzanne (Ang and Julie were guestbook attendants, Suz was a bridesmaid). For more great photos of the wedding, follow the link on my page to Mark and Brit's blog. What a great celebration!

Blessed Holidays

What a nice holiday season! We got to spend a lot of quality time with our parents and siblings' families laughing, playing games, playing with kids, eating too much, remembering the past, and especially remembering the birth of Christ.

Enjoy the photos of Grant and his new Tonka truck, the entire Sawyer clan, Dwayne and his mom reading an emotional "remembrance" poem of his Dad, Allison posing with an ornament, Angela with Lyndsey and Shelle, and Sadie making lemonade on Christmas day.

Now we look forward to the year 2007 and what it may bring!