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Thursday, January 29, 2009

January in a Nutshell.

So, haven't had a lot to post (er, well, haven't had time to post) this month, so here's a quick glimpse into our household activities for 1/09.

We got a lot of snow. And we played hard in it!

And then we got more snow. And played (and worked) in it even more.

You would think that one would get tired of snow... apparently not if you are 8, 5 or 3!

We also spent a little time indoors on the days that were just too cold... scrapbooking (Sadie was getting very creative!), taking baths with large Barbies, and staying in the tub so long that our toes (and buns) got lots of wrinkles! (Aren't those boy buns just adorable?)

Happy winter!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Remember This.

The best memories from our holidays:
1. Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (Ang got to sing on Praise Band)
2. Hangin' w/ cousin Mya
3. Snowmobiles: mode of transport to get to Aunt Suz' house!
4. Sledding with Aunt Suz and Uncle Jake
5. Sadie's warning to Santa: Use the Door. Fire On.
6. Hangin' w/ all the Lenssen Cousins
7. Checking out the goods in stockings
8. Chainsaw from Grandpa
9. Allison, Avery and Holly-- the girly girls
10. Kids excited for Christmas
11. Gifts to open with the Lenssens
12. The Sawyer Side-- snowed in

What are your best memories in a nutshell (or in a Picassa collage :)?