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Monday, April 23, 2007

I love technology!!!

Isn't technology great? I found a new way to share photos and video for free with Smilebox. Look below, and, just like it says... click to play! I could spend hours and hours playing with photos, video, etc. LOVE it! Enjoy.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mom and Kids Getaway

What a great weekend! Roadtrips to go visit family and friends are always great... even when you're on the road with young kids. Many miles were travelled, but it was all very worthwhile to get the chance to see my sister and brother in law, Dwayne's family (all gazillion of them at a Lenssen wedding) and several of my old Lynden friends. Conversations were short (I'd constantly be running off to find my 18 mo. old tasmanian devil) but just really nice... I got to re-connect with lots of people I hadn't seen in a long time.
The kids LOVED frolicking on a sandy beach at the Kingston Ferry Dock, and had gads of fun catching up with lots of playtime with cousins.
Lastly, it was great to visit our old church and see it bursting at the seams during the Easter services. And joyfully, we hear from dad that our home church was also over full! Praise God that we can freely worship Him in local churches and celebrate the ressurection. He is risen!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Can't Wait for Spring...

Happy Holy Week! We're really looking forward to spring time to arrive. Days are longer, but seem to be going faster. The kids keep the minutes racing by.
Princess Allison turned 4 in March, and loved the princess gatherings with friends and family. Sadie is glad the snow is turning to mud... she LOVES to play in anything messy outside. And our boy Grant is loving his sand box-- I imagine many spring and summer hours will be spent right there. Simple pleasures!
We're looking forward to seeing family in Lynden for Easter, and we'll check back in here at our blog after the holiday.
(Funny note: our friend Shelle was in the greeting card isle at WalMart this week looking at Easter cards... two young gals were there shopping for Easter cards too. Shelle couldn't help overhearing their clueless comment: "Why are so many of these religious cards?" Oi! For anyone who doesn't know it... Easter is ALL about "religion"... Christ died for our sins and rose again on Easter day! Really has nothing to do with bunnies.)