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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Prayers for Sweet Pea

We are asking for your prayers.

Sweet Mya (Julie and Rob's daughter, Angela's niece) has been treated for a heart murmur since birth last August. Just when they thought that the murmur was correcting itself, they have found out that the condition has actually worsened a bit.

This will likely require open heart surgery. On a little girl who won't even be a year old.

We will all find out more in two weeks when they sedate her to get a detailed echo cardiogram. I'll post updates, but you can get the most details on the Tiegs family blog.

Put this sweet girl, her heart and her family on your prayer list!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Counting Down the Days

Only about 10 more days until we get to see Uncle Mark and Aunt Brittany! They're returning from Saipan and so we're going to celebrate and gather together in Seattle next weekend. The kids are so excited to see so many of their family members (including cousins).

We've been counting down with a paper chain. It's become significantly shorter... the end is in sight!See you soon M&B! Yippee!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Ribbons, naps and noodles.

Yep. Random. That's what I've got.

Updates on the "what's up" in the Lenssen household. And photos to go along with it.


A couple of my favorite photos from the piano recital, and her with her AWANA ribbon for completing her Hiker book. Go, girl!


She was trying to fly-- on the swing with a blanket for a cape, sweet red curls flying through the air on a sunny day. I caught some good shots.
Then she discovered a new way to eat chicken noodle soup, and you get to "enjoy" it with her via our video footage.


Still seems like he could use a nap some days, but then we change our minds when he's up later than we are on the night after a nap! This particular day I was helping the girls with their homework, and it was pleasantly (yet mysteriously) quiet on the boy front... couldn't find him anywhere... we all got shoes on to go on a neighborhood search when I happened to spy him under the church pew we have SOUND ASLEEP. Why did he pick to sleep there? Well, it's because he had sneaked a chocolate chip cookie and was hiding under the bench to eat it when he got too tired to come back out and play. SOOO funny.

And, he has this cute habit when he's pointing to something he cocks his head to the side and closes one eye to focus on his visual better. I tell ya, the boy is A-dorable.

So, there you have it. The current events list at our house. What's up with you?