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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Priest Lake with the Sawyers

What a great weekend! Thanks to the Holling family who let us enjoy their lakefront property and boat!
We spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma Sawyer, Aunt Julie and Uncle Rob, and Aunt Suz and Uncle Jake. (Missed you Uncle Mark and Aunt Brittany! We'll have to go again with YOU!)
Playing in the sand, eating smores, horseshoes, water skiing, fishing (including Sadie's first fish)... what could be better! We're up for another trip there anytime.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Doth mine eyes deceive me?

Uhhh... saw these signs on the front of the Palouse Empire "Mall" in MOSCOW, ID... really? We're getting real stores to shop at??? Seriously?!?

Those of us who live here are giddy with excitement... and only those of you who have lived in the Moscow/Pullman area would understand. :) Here, it's news to write home about!

Now I've got another good reason for you to come visit us-- we can go shopping!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Anyone Recognize this Boy???

I don't. Well, at least not in this state of being... peaceful, quiet, still...

His face is familiar-- he's often identified as a "mini-me" of his daddy. Also resembles me a bit... mostly at times like this when he's peaceful, quiet and still... (heh, heh, heh)
19 months old is a BUSY age. And he's a boy. Those of you who have experienced this know. (Or, if you're my friend Becky you know 3 identical times over!!! How DO you do it????) And those who haven't experienced it, but may someday... fair warning! You laugh a lot, but get exasperated a lot too. Just in the last 24 hours, Grant has:
  • pulled a full coffee cup from the counter onto the carpet and his shoes
  • explored the science of floating objects in the toilet (from pinecones to plastic food)
  • pushed his toy lawnmower across the street (unsupervised)
  • applied chapstick to his forehead and partially eaten the remaining portion
  • turned living room furniture upside down and arranged on a different side of the room
  • driven his hot wheels bike through three rooms of the house (including navigating stairs) and crash landed in the living room
  • dumped sand over his and his sisters' heads
  • while naked preparing for the bath (after the sand incident) I heard his sister yell "Who pooped on the carpet?!?"
  • precariously tipped a framed photo on the wall
  • dumped a bowl of mandarin oranges on the floor and fingerpainted with the juice
  • pushed his lawnmower across the street (unsupervised) AGAIN
  • thrown laundry over the banister
  • turned all electric viewing devices on.. and off... and on... and off... then on again

You get the gist. And I'm not complaining--I love being a mom. I never know what's coming next! I don't recognize him sleeping because when he's asleep, SO AM I!!! I crash... as hard as he does.

I did find a video that more accurately depicts my son's personality:

After my restful night (he sleeps WELL), I awoke this morning to my 4 year old Allison yelling... "MAAAAWMMMM!!! Grant is in TRUUUUBULLLL!" In my half asleep state I have enough sanity to know the potential disaster behind the situation... "What is it, Allison?" I frantically reply.

She shakes her head..."This time it's REALLY bad."

Good morning, mom..... and we're off!!!