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Monday, April 21, 2008

Summer Camp at Ross Point

I have some great memories of church camp as a kid. We are blessed to have a great bible-based, safe and FUN camp close by. I went most summers as a kid, and can't wait to send my kids too-- my oldest had her first camp experience there last summer.

I've always remembered a photo (in the scrapbook my mom made me) of me by a tree overlooking the lagoon before campfire. When my daughter was at camp last year, I remembered the photo and tried to re-create it (swapping a bible for a bag of marshmallows as a prop...).

We were both at the tender age of 6 in the photos. Sniffle, sniffle. Wow!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The ZOO!!!

The kids and I spent last weekend with my three siblings in the Seattle area-- so much fun! The highlight of our trip was the Woodland Park Zoo. And who wouldn't enjoy Guitar Hero with your aunts and uncles! (Yes, Sadie's using an umbrella for her mock guitar...) Just had to share a couple photos.