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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

WOW! Summer is over...

We last left you with great anticipation for Aunt Suz and Uncle Jake's wedding on July 1-- what a fun family event! A blessed day! We just don't have many photos in digital format, so here's just one to give you an idea. If you're interested, I'll let you know what Suzanne's blog is so you can see more details.

After the "let down" of the wedding, we moved on to other summer activities. We had our house painted (No more peachy-beige!), went swimming a lot, went to/volunteered at Vacation Bible School, frequented our parks, visited family and friends in Lynden for the NW Washington Fair, "helped" my family with wheat harvest (Grant's first ride on the combine-- he was all grins), Angela worked for a month at Cartridge World in outside sales to help out friends who just opened the business, and geared back up for the start of school... KINDERGARTEN FOR SADIE! She's been at Sunnyside Elementary each morning for a week and a half now, and really enjoys her time in Mrs. Emerson's class there. So far, recess is her favorite. Imagine that.

Hope you all had as eventful and joyful a summer as we had! Keep in touch. I like to receive photos just as much as I like to send them!

Return again soon to hear about our Labor Day weekend vacation with Dwayne's family. It was a great time. I'm just waiting for my "old school" 35mm photos to be developed and put on disk so I can update the blog again... talk to you soon!