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Monday, March 17, 2008

This post not for the weak stomach...

Seriously. If you get grossed out easily, don't check out this photo I'm posting. And you may think I'm a sicko for posting it, but it was just too funny (and us stay at home moms need a little humor in our days!).

In honor of St. Patricks Day, my two year old "gifted" me with a poopy diaper. But not just any poopy diaper-- it's GREEN. Yup. It wasn't staged, planned, or "Photoshopped". I have no idea what caused it. But since it's St. Patty's day I'm sharing it.

And now I'm even more seriously considering the beginning of potty training. Who wouldn't?

Here it is... don't get too grossed out!


Shelle and Dan said...

That is so disgusting! How could something so sweet and cute create something so gross? You have a great sense of humor about it : )

Becky said...

Angela, that's gross! How appropriate however...what a guy!

Amy said...

Way to funny!! God does have a sense of humor!!

Clover said...

Hahahahahahahaha!! Nice.